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For those of you who just like to look at the pictures.
Some of you asked for a suitable piece of 1024 x 768 wallpaper as a background for your PC display. I've complied.
Barcelona 1996: Children on Plaza del Sol (photo)
Barcelona 1996: Waiting for the Last Metro (sketch)
Segovia 1996: Alcazar (sketch)
Madrid 1996: Okupa at 15 Lavapies (sketches)
Caceres 1996: Man in a Bar(sketch)
Caceres 1996: Food on the sideboard (sketch)
Trujillo 1996: Gypsy family (photo)
Trujillo 1996: American Muranos (sketch)
Merida 1996: Roman Lantern with image of a Horned God and Flail (sketch)
Merida 1996: Roman Statue (sketch)
Cinque Terre 1996: View of Vernazza (photo)
Cinque Terre 1996: Safe Harbor (photo)
Bologna 1996: Crucifix (sketch)
Bologna 1996: Bicyclists in Bo (photo)
Florence 1996: The Duomo (sketch)
Budapest 1996: Entrance of main Pest synagogue (sketch)
Prague 1996: In Mala Strana, looking toward Hradcany (sketch)
Prague 1996: In the Stare Mesto (old city) (retouched sketch)
Prague 1996: Cubist furniture
Prague 1996: MTO Universal's white foam Elvis suit (sketch)
Berlin 1996: "The Girl In the Door" (photo of a carved image)
Berlin 1996: "Young Turks" 2 Turkish girls in Kreuzberg (photo)
Berlin 1996: Kulturbrauerei (sketch)
Paris 1996: Street scene with children playing soccer (computer-manipulated sketch)
Paris 1996: Charlemagne statue (sketch)
Bucharest 2002: Adrian Mihalache (sketch)
Bucharest 2002: Dan Iancu (sketch)
Bucharest 2002: Columbus at Sea (sketch)
Bucharest 2002: Sea Creature and Angel (sketch)

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