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Romania 2001-2002: From November 2001 until late May 2002 (and again for a month in May 2006), I worked in Bucharest, Romania; I returned as a visitor for about ten days in December 2014. These are my letters home, slightly edited. This portion of my web site got a nice write-up in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei (literally "The Events of the Day"), one of Romania's leading newspapers. Several Romanians have written to me to say that it is the best commentary on Bucharest by a foreigner that they have ever read, so I must have been doing something right. Enjoy!

Back in 2002 I tried to provide some useful information about visiting Bucharest, Romania. Other than museums etc., this is probably now of mainly historical interest.


In 1996, I spent three months in Europe, roughly equally split among Barcelona, the rest of Spain, and Central Europe + Northern Italy. Most of the following derives from my letters home during those three months, although I have gone back and added a few stories from briefer visits since then.

Mabel circa 1995

My journey begins

Overview (Europe '96)
Cybercafes (hopelessly outdated)
In Prospect (thoughts before the trip)
Madrid: An unplanned adventure


Caceres & Trujillo
(American) Marranos in Trujillo
Public Displays of Affection


Madrid: Okupa


Cuevas de Pileta
Granada, Cruz de Mayo, and Rain


Go in Barcelona
A Quiet Day in Barcelona With Candide
Walking in Barcelona
Anarchism in Catalunya Today
People in Barcelona
Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona
A great Romanesque museum
From Mar to Montaña
Zoo Story

[Children in the Plaça del Sol (photo)]

Madrid again

More Madrid

[Safe Harbor (photo)]

Northern Italy

Cinque Terre

Central Europe

A letter from Budapest
Budapest: In the Court of the Crimson King
Prague (vs. Budapest)
Prague: Palac Akropolis
Berlin, Football, and German Nationalism



Barcelona one last time

Castellers: A Tall Story

...and Home

In Retrospect (thoughts after the trip)

[Paris street scene (sketch)]

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