Joe Mabel - Volunteer activities

Since December 2020 I have been providing various services to Seattle homelessness group CHAP 🔗, including pro bono work writing functional specifications and designing a datebase for an app that will match unhoused people with people who wish to offer them various types of assistance.
Crisis Resource Directory logo Since 1990 I have edited the Peace Heathens' Seattle Crisis Resource Directory 🔗. It receives continual updates: if you have information you think belongs there, please let me know.
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From November 2003 to December 2006, I was one of the mainstays of Wikipedia 🔗, which I still think is just about the coolest thing on the web. I still write and translate occasional articles there, but Wikipedia is now basically a success, and does not need my time the way it once did. Since 2003, I've been more active on Wikimedia Commons, which is the media repository associated with Wikipedia. I've uploaded over 50,000 of my own photos and done an almost immeasurable amount of curation of other people's photos. I am an adminstrator on both the English-language Wikipedia and the Commons. My user name on both the English-language Wikipedia and the Commons is Jmabel. (I'm also somewhat active in Wikidata, and Wikidata product manager Lydia Pintscher is my German-language consultant for my project performing the music of Kurt Weill.)

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Last modified: 23 February 2021

My e-mail address is Normally, I check this at least every 48 hours, more often during the working week.