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Self-portrait photograph, January 2021
Self-portrait, January 2021

Some older photos and sketches. I'm afraid the scans on some are very low-res by 2020s standards, but click through for at least somewhat higher resolutions than the thumbnails here.
Sketch from Michel de Ghelderode's Christopher Columbus Children playing in Plaça del Sol, Barcelona Roman statue, Mérida Cross, Bologna Vernazza Harbor Turkish girls, Berlin Dan Iancu, Bucharest Wallpaper for a 1024x768 screen
In 2006 I started getting into digital photography, and I've placed tens of thousands of images on Wikimedia Commons 🔗. Here are some examples; these are all from Seattle. You can click on these for (much) larger images on the Commons:
Freeway Park Nigel Mustafa Panama Hotel, Seattle St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
Freeway Park
And a more geographically diverse batch from Flickr:
James Bond theme party in Bucharest Koi at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Tokyo Gwen from the Tacoma, Washington band Trees and Timber Reworked from a relief over a door in Bucharest

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