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As of December 2020, I am largely retired from 40 years in software development, and am more focused on playing music and working on Wikimedia Commons  🔗. On the music side, I've been focused mainly on my own guitar arrangemens of Kurt Weill material. See my separate site "the Weill Project  🔗". The Covid pandemic wreaked havoc with my original plans for a series of performances with soprano Juliana Brandon, but I remain very interested in opportunities to perform this material.

Although I have retired from hands-on software development, program and project management, and managing software professionals, I remain available for half-day and full-day consultations, including pair programming, code review, upfront project scoping, and consultations about turning around a project in trouble.

More details on my software work; see also my software-industry resume.

I lived and worked in Bucharest, Romania Nov 2001 - May 2002, with a brief return in May 2006 and a briefer one in December 2014. I wrote about it extensively, especially the first trip. While this site was still a work in progress in 2002, it was favorably reviewed by the Romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei!

Other travel writing includes a narrative of a trip to Europe in spring 1996 (Spain, Northern Italy, and Central Europe).

Other items here of possible general interest:
  • Songs of the Century, a list of songs which mention each year of the Twentieth Century. This is no longer actively maintained. The last real pass through it was 16 April 2002, so a lot of the links to lyrics have "rotted"; please feel free to send me correct current links.
  • "The Interview Brainteaser and its Discontents," a 2002 essay about the use and (more often) abuse of brain teasers in job interviews.
Other work of mine outside this site:
photo self-portrait, 2006
Self-portrait, December 2006

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My e-mail address is Normally, I check this at least every 48 hours, more often during the working week.