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Travels in Europe '96: overview

Mabel circa 1995

I left my job at Active Voice external link at the end of March '96. I'd been there since '91. It was a good place to work --I have nothing but positives to say to anyone considering a job there [Addendum 2002: in fact, I ended up doing contract work for them again in 2001-2002, taking on a project for which they needed someone in Romania] -- but in 1996 my career interests and the company's directions weren't really a match, so after a bit too much effort to square the circle, I was out of there.

From April 9 through July 7, 1996 I travelled in Europe. Thanks to the increasingly widespread existence of cybercafes, I was able to correspond via e-mail; I had access at least once a week.

I spent most of April and the first week of May various places in Extremadura and Andalucía, with 2 days in Segovia and occasional visits to Madrid. Then I was in Barcelona through 23 May, then a weekend in Madrid, then off to Italy and Central Europe (Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Berlin) roughly for the month of June; then back to Barcelona (via Paris) and home to Seattle.

July '96 I got back to Seattle, worked six months as Program Manager at Orca Medical Systems, then spent a little under four years in various technical management roles at Saltmine external link; from January 2001 into early 2003 I did several contract jobs, mostly in Europe, before landing at Lux external link. For further details, see my resume.

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First posted: August 1996
Last modified: July 25, 2003

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