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Public Displays of Affection

The Spanish are into public displays of affection, but these take different forms in different places. In Barcelona, they do everything short of screwing in the middle of the street. If you can do it with your clothes on (or mostly on) Barcelonans will do it in public. [An interesting sidelight to this is that the negotiation of limits seems to work this way: (1) man crosses the line, woman either (2a) reciprocates (2b) accedes or (2c) elbows him in the stomach with enough force to make him double over, then resumes necking at the previous level.] A lap dance on a park bench would not draw attention.

Madrid tones it down a notch. In Cáceres, it's more at the level of arm around the waist, chaste kiss, less chaste if it's late at night or farther from the beaten path. In Trujillo, it's an arm around the waist, but they are embarrassed if anyone notices.

Mérida has its own variant, which I rather liked. About Madrid level, though tending to keep it out of the middle of the street, but one thing which seemed to be a local specialty. A couple would stand a good foot or more apart, but periodically would reach out for a brief caress on pretty much any part of the anatomy, breasts and genitalia included. Very sexy, if you ask me.

Segovianos might as well be British, although I did see the only gay male PDA I've seen in Spain there, near the University.

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First posted: August 1996
Last modified: April 5, 2002

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